Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Great Race

Johnson Rock Hard Presents put on another great race at Bootleg Canyon this past weekend. Skeletal Metal was on hand to present awards to racers that went big on predesignated terrain features.

On the Super-D course the car gap at the end of the first run and the drop-in from the Boy Scout onto Skyline for the second run were the obstacles. We were totally impressed with how big so many racers went. After all was said and done Erik Nelson from Flagstaff, AZ threw a nice table over the car gap and was the only rider to take air into the nasty, off-camber entrance to Skyline.
Erik finished the race in 3rd in the Pro class. The the rest of the podium belonged to Bootleg local Scott Johnson and Sedona's Chewy Aitken. You can see the rest of the results at BluefirePictures.

The downhill race was held 12/20 and was intense. The talent pool was deep and the course was technical. Pros made their way down Poop Shoot on the second run, which was one of the sponsored Skeletal Metal features. The other was the 10 foot roller at the top of the course.

Every competitor really put it on the line and the Skeletal Medal winner was St. George, UT's Logan Binggeli. Logan crossed it up as much as he could on the 10 foot roller and had the smoothest run down Poop Shoot of the day.

Worthy of mention however, is Troy D'Elia. Troy threw a mind blowing air off the second rock section of Poop Shoot. I actually lost my mind watching him barrel down the upper section and then air out the bottom section before heading into the tight turn at the bottom. Went sent Troy home with the Skeletal Metal Rolling Skull Tee in recognition of his awesome run down Poop Shoot.

Logan came in 3rd and missed 2nd by only 2 seconds. The rest of the podium was rounded out with David KlaasenVanOorschot (David K) in first and Mitch Ropelato in second. You can get full results at www.bluefirepictures.com.

You can see Skeletal Metal's photos at www.skeletalmetal.com/ScreaminSantaResults.html.