Monday, November 23, 2009

Screamin' Santa Double Down Mountain Bike Race

Johnson Rock Hard Presents is throwing another awesome Downhill and Super-D event. Keep your calendars open for December 19th and 20th. It will be a two run, two event format. Prizes go to the best combined times.

Here are the details:

Date: Dec. 19th - 20th

Location: Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, NV

Super-D (Saturday, Dec. 19th)
Downhill (Sunday, Dec. 20th).
Both events will be a two run format. Each run will be down a different course. One course will be smooth and flowing and the other will be technical and rough. Best combined time wins.

Practice: Dec. 18th, Unofficial practice day. Shuttle will be ready to carry Super-D (SD) and Downhill (DH) racers for $20 all day.

Entry Fee: $60 one race / $110 both races
Open Entry Fee: $75 one race / $130 both races

OPEN Purse
Am Prizing
Speed Trap

Skeletal Metal Award- We will give the "Skeletal Medal" to the participant who "Shows Their Mettle" on selected terrain features on the courses.


Friday, Dec. 18, 2009:
Unofficial all-day shuttle for SD & DH, $20

Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009:
7am- SD & DH Registration Opens
11am- SD Registration Ends
11am- SD Practice Ends
11:30 am- SD Race Begins

Sunday, Dec. 20, 2009:
8am- DH Registration Opens
10am- Registration Ends
10 am- Practice Ends
10:30am- DH Race Begins

Course Information:

1st Run- Boy Scout to Girl Scout to connector trail to Middle Lakeview out to DIVA
2nd Run- Skyline to East leg down the switchbacks across to Girlscout connector to Lower Lakeview out to DIVA

1st Run- Snakeback to Sidewinder to the Horseshoe and down to DIVA
2nd Run- Armageddon to Poop Chute, Steve Peat- out to DIVA

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