Friday, September 18, 2009

Stephen Murray Bar Benefit @ Rockhouse Bar Las Vegas 9/23/09 7pm-11pm

Skeletal Metal is teaming up with Rockhouse Bar Las Vegas to throw a benefit party for the Stephen Murray Family Foundation. The event will be Wednesday, September 23rd from 7pm-11pm.

If you don't already know Stephen Murray's story you need to get familiar. In 2001-2002 Stephen was at the top of the BMX Dirt world. He won BMX Dirt Gold at the Gravity Games both years and Gold at the X-Games in 2001. He was nominated for BMX rider of the year by ESPN. Murray made double backflips look easy and was known for his other backflip combinations.

In 2007 Stephen Murray suffered what some have called the worst wreck in BMX history. The crash left Stephen paralyzed from the shoulders down. My words can't do the actual story justice. Please see the video below to get a real idea for what Stephen Murray's story is. Skeletal Metal supports individuals like Stephen Murray who pay the price to progress their sport, profession, or personal lives. Skeletal Metal strives to bring attention to these individuals. Showing your metal means you are willing to do what it takes to overcome. Stephen Murray shows his metal every day.

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