Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cam White Update

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Cam sent us a good update on how he's doing and getting ready for the Salt Lake City stop of the Dew Tour. Here is the update, straight from the man, no changes. Thanks Cam-

"hey guys, been so busy for me lately so its been a minute since my last update, but here it is.well since I got the epidural injection in my spine a couple of weeks ago, my back has started tofeel really good. It’s been that long since my back has had this pain free movement I hadforgotten how good it actually feels to be healthy. I started riding again, I was a bit hesitant at first because Iwas worried that my pain would come back and I would be back to being hurt. It was such acrappy injury limiting so much so the last thing I wanted was to be back there. I had a couple of chillsessions in the yard and it held up really good, so last wednesday I went to woodward for the daywith nate. This was the first big session I had on my bike in ages. I got tired pretty quick due tobeing unfit, but everything felt great on my bike. The next day I was pretty sore and tender butthat was all over not just my back. Since then ive been riding every morning, having sweet assessions because the weather is great out here this time of year except for the last 2 days with this crappywind, but hopefully that blows out soon!
Ive also had my mates Rob, Megan and Bairdy over here visiting from Australia, and before thenMy mum and sister as well. its been a good time having everyone here visiting and travelling toutah and san diego and getting our chill on.

Next thing on my list is the Salt Lake City Dew stop, I’m excited cause as of today (touch wood)this will be my first comp all year with out any injuries. so hopefully its a good one and this lack oftime on my bike doesnt effect me. Either way its gonna be heaps of fun cause salt lake is always thebest stop so I’m excited. The drawings of the jumps look awesome, lets hope there big and fast,just like I like em.

Well thats pretty much all I have for this update, thanks heaps Doc for helping out and getting myback dialled in.. stoked."

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